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Dubhna Rhiadra

Dubhna Rhiadra is a community dance practitioner and storyteller in RL as well as having degrees in theology and celtic languages. Her interest in dance developed through working with disabled adults in the 90s when she co-founded and co-directed an integrated dance company as part of a local community dance project in Wales.  From there she moved on to doing her own productions working independently in West Wales.  She began live storytelling, when she was involved in running a Women's Music Festival in West Wales for several years, creating multi-media projects with composers and musicians and dancers.   

She has brought these skills into SL where her first major multi- media project was Blue Rose with Myth Systers which she choreographed entirely.

Since then she has become a member of Ballet Pixelle Euro group.

Independent Ballet has been set up by Dubhna and Deyna as a company that works in collaboration, creating new work in a variety of dance styles, encouraging new choreographers to show their work.

Dubhna used her RL contacts to use new original music by RL friend and Irish-based cellist Ilse de Ziah for Swan.

Deyna Broek

A California Native, and loving wife to Vaughan Huet and mommy to 3 beautiful girls & a little boy. Proud GM of the popular jazz club, Frank's Place. Deyna has danced with Pixelle Ballet for 3 and a half years loving each arabesque.  She is a member of Dazzlers where she dances and choreographs along side of some of the most talented dancers in SL. She recently became cheer coach of SFL Frank's Place Lion's.  She is working on V.E., Virtual Expression, a Dancing & Acting Troupe on a production called Seasons…in SL.  She is thrlledto pieces to be a part of Independent Ballet; a group of talented souls who have found a way to communicate through dance that is enriching spiritually.

Deyna has always been a lover of dance & music. She started ballet at 4 years old and was devastated at 6 when her family couldn't afford classes anymore. She didn't let that stop her desire to dance. She continued to dance/perform with her family or in talent shows until she was old enough to seek other avenues, drill team, cheer, etc. Nothing made Deyna happier than performing in dance troupes and choreographing, jazz, pop, hip-hop, swing, and interpretive dance. She'd combined her love for teaching and the need to dance as a teacher, encouraging her students to express themselves through dance and music.

 Deyna became a cheerleader because she had the support of her RL Family SL Family,  Frank's family, and her Dazzler family.  Dancing and cheering is something that touches her heart and makes her heart sing.  She has been and is blessed...

Fae Varriale                       

Fae came into SL with no experience of art and photography but, touched by the creativity she saw around her, soon found taking the occasional snapshot turned into a love of creating original artworks.

In December 2009 she put her first pictures up on Flickr, where she discovered a rich community of SL artists whose work inspired her to explore her own creativity further. Drawing on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and the ability to change appearance to almost anything you wish, Fae uses photographs taken inworld as the basis for her pictures. 

As a keen builder she soon also developed a passion for creating 3D art & kinetic sculptures,creations of woven light and motion.

She is also involved in creating installations as part of mixed media performance space, incorporating live music, storytelling and dance and is the creator of stagesets for the Independant Ballet Company, DiversionzDance, BOSL Fashion Week and Miss Virtual World 2012.

Fae has exhibited at Wash Street, gallery 4, Tiatopia Fine Arts Gallery, Pyramid Gallery, Dark Draconis Gallery, Gallery Arctica, Rose Gallery, Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, and gallery 23. She was awarded a prize in the unscripted category from UWA for one of her sculptures.
She was also created Wonderlands,  an installation for the LEA full sim series.

Fae  is the co owner and co manager of Branwen Arts Centre which houses a gallery , exhibition space and theatre.


Annamaria Manatiso

I am  fun-loving,caring and loyal. I am a very sociable friendly person love to make people smile and spread joy.I love my true friends dearly and will be by their side in a heart beat when in need as they have done for me as well. I love meeting new people from different places and learning new cultures.I am a very creative minded person and love the arts. I have been with The Dazzlers dance and Cheer group for over a year now we have done many shows together. I became a cheerleader well first of all because it sounded like something fun to do in SL and  I love the art of dance and how it is perpetuated in SL. I love being part of a team and  working together. 

Aminata Poetz

I love dancing in both SL and RL, and did ballet for 7 years in RL.  When I joined SL in January 2008, I became involved in RP and was totally unaware of dance here. After a year I was invited to join the dance group La Performance, where I learned a lot about dance in SL. I was also invited to dance with the group Soul Awakening before joining Independent Ballet.

The dancers are all very creative but I have to thank all those that do most of the choreography and also thank them for letting me join those groups as dance is my biggest passion.

Caledonia Skytower

Caledonia Skytower has a love of language, music, and good company.  She enjoys stories of all kinds, regardless of their source: theatre, poetry, literature, traditional telling.  If it has a plot - She loves it and respects the craft that brings it to life.

Caledonia has been on the story staff of the Seanchai Library for over four years and currently serves as Lead, is the owner of the Stories Unlimited! subscriber group and StoryFest Events.  Cale was recently invited to join the Avatar Repertory Theater Company as its newest company member, and for a time served as the Arts & Literature Columnist for the SL Enquirer - still contributing features when time permits.  She is also a virtual Builder, Landscaper, and Artist.

In real life, Cale (“Callie”) lives on the West Coast of the United States in the Pacific Northwest.  She has worked behind the scenes in the performing arts for over 25 years working as a production manager, scenic artist, and as a scenic designer for Plays, Musicals, and Opera with over 25 years of experience in hundreds of productions. She currently has combined her skills as a virtual storyteller and her professional theatre experience into a refreshed carrier as a voice artist, narrator, and author.

Halfpint Raymaker

Hi! I'm Halfpint Raymaker, they call me "Half."  I have been in sl since 07. I been here along time. I'm person that love to learn new things on sl, but i have found what i like to do is dance. So as an update on me, I perform with 3 wonderful groups. I have learn how to choreograph routines for my groups. I love all kinds of excited animations  to make my routine look nice

Josephine Bridget/Deadly Deed

Hi There!

I am a dreamer, I often lose track of time.. especially when I get into a good book.
I use to paint.. influenced by Bob Ross style on "The joy of painting"  I love Josephine Wall's fantasy art work, she is a local painter I had discovered when I lived down by the coast. I now make fantasy photo's using photoshop but it can be time consuming, I'm a bit of a perfectionist in that area, always tweaking.. always improving!


Hiya I'm JoJo, I love to have fun, create things, and perform dance. I love to make the most of every minute. I value friends and family and feel that I'm a lucky person to have had the experiences I have. I'm friendly and talkative and love a good natter hehe :-)









Safi Farspire

 I am a co-owner of Moonlight Smile House Music Club and a total dance addict.

I have worked with Dubhna Rhiadra story based dance performance :
The Blue Rose, a Myth Systers production; Seven Swans  and Petah & the Wolf with Independent Ballet.  The Blue Rose story (written by Asfaneh Metaluna) was based on my paintings and SL/RL experiences

I have art exhibitions in SL at all times. I have been painting in RL for many years. All the paintings I bring to SL are painted in RL.
My paintings available in SL cover the period from 1980's to now. Amongst the earlier paintings are landscapes. At this time i lived in Cornwall.  At the same time i explored my life time obsession with patterns, which also drew me to Islamic Art, as well as various forms of world folk art.

I have always had a strong interest in symbolism, and it is this area that interests me the most. Prior to arriving in Second Life i felt i was beginning to find my true muse. I began to paint my dreams, using symbolic images that have meaning to me and which in some sense hold a story.  Amongst Sufi storytellers it is said that we must look for the story of our own heart.  I hope that images of my own story may resonate for people as they look at my  paintings and perhaps they may see some reflection of their own story or dreams.

All of the paintings i have made since October 2009 are based on my SL experiences.  My main themes are The Quest, the nature of Love, Freedom.

I also write a bit and some of my scribbles can be found in boxes at Future Vision Gallery.

I also am the founder of a group called Women Dreaming. This is an open minded group which nurtures the imagination and personal growth using various paths including art, storytelling, poetry, performance arts, shamanism, ceremonies and blessings, tarot and dream interpretation. Please feel free to IM me

Sarah Elisabeth Brenham

My name is Sarah. I have been in SL for over five years. I have performed with the Dazzlers, Dramatiques and the Somnus Doctorow Performance Centre Cast. This is my debut with the Independent Ballet company. I am excited to share my passion of dance with a new audience.














Shayna Forzane

I enjoy SL for the fun and friends. That about sums up my SL.  I am a hostess at Franks, a member of Independent Ballet, Frank's Jazz club  dance group and when not busy at my home enjoying chilling with friends.

I read tarot cards in SL and in RL also. I am part Cherokee and my great grandmother was a shaman and lived to be 105 yr old. My grandmother is still alive and is 98 yrs old.

I am a mother of 5 children and a grandmother of three.

My sister and I raise shih tzu, malteses, and Chihuahua.  I live in the country and have horses, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens and cows 



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