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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thank You Fusion Performing Arts Center!

A great venue and a fabulous audience!
It was one of those rough SL Saturdays when feet get sticky and rubber bands are twanging ... but we made it through another great performance of PETAH &THE WOLF, as ever thanks to a terrific, enthusiastic Audience!

Post Performance Comments:
MarySWW Lawksley: AWESOME!!
Lila (lila.wardark): great show thank you
ƬƠƁƖ (tobi.magic): Absolutely outstanding.
Ric Lyle: great show
Renshai: cracking show!
Feli (felicia.ibanez): AMAZING
ƊƖƔƖƝЄ ( Original and perfectly executed!
Ric Lyle: thank you great show!!!
Sugga (suggadiva): everybody was awesome :)
ƊƖƔƖƝЄ ( Hope to see you visit FPAC again with more wonderful shows
Feli (felicia.ibanez): Yes thank you all for coming to The Fusion Performing Arts Center for:
Feli (felicia.ibanez): Thank you so much Independent Ballet for this great production!

"Petah" and the gang strut proudly (and well earned!) in the Final Procession
Saturday, July 14th at 2pm SLT ~~ Opera Joven

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