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Thursday, February 28, 2013

ACCEPT Tour begins Saturday with benefit for Kenya Feed-a-Smile

Dubhna Rhiadra addresses Audience at ACCEPT Premiere
Thanks to a patient audience, and with little help from the stability of the grid, ACCEPT opened last weekend after a delayed start time.  Out gratitude for the faithful audience who waited and were able to stay in while SL was randomly booting people out ... including members of the company!

This week we move out, boldly onto the grid as ACCEPT moves on tour, starting with a benefit performance at Lavender Fields - a region which raises money for Kenya Feed-a-Smile.

Kenya Feed-a-Smile has provided over 96,000 individual meals to children in need in Kenya since the project began.  That's virtual concerts, live musicians, storytelling, and performances just like IBC's this Saturday.  Literally, Second Life events with Real World benefits, L$100 at a time (that's how many donations it takes to provide a single meal.).

Join Independent Ballet at Saturday's performance to support this wonderful humitarian effort, led in SL by Brique Topaz.

Be sure and check out our "Audience Tips" tab to help make your audience experience more comfy for you, and fellow guests.

Lavender Fields - Kenya Feed-a-Smile ~ Saturday, March 2nd at 3pm

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