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Thursday, May 30, 2013

NO Show This Week, but some great words from the Elysium Ballroom!

Here are some wonderful comments on last Saturday's performance ... echoing what so many have said about ACCEPT:

Babypea von Phoenix: it is such an amazing show, i am so happy i have gotten to see it

Jeni : We have learned to 'accept' the unexpected when's part of second life. *smiles*

Babypea von Phoenix: Thank you for coming and sharing your dance with us, we have greatly enjoyed this, and yes Aminata i have had major computer issues today

Babypea von Phoenix: it has such a powerful message, i think everyone should see it

Jeni: Beautiful performances, everyone!

Credence Halostar: oh dear, this is heart breaking . . . this is so beautiful

Credence Halostar cheers and applauds clapping until her hands bleed!!!!!!

Babypea von Phoenix: thank you for coming and i so greatly enjoyed getting to see this show

Credence Halostar wiping tears away, clapping

NEXT PERFORMANCE: Saturday, June 8th.  Check back here for time and location. 

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