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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank You Ami & The Realm of Terabithia!

Photo of Ami Poetz as The Wolf by Fae Varriale
 We have had some outstanding audiences and performances on this tour, but today's enthusiastic audience at the Realm of Terabithia is clearly among the most amazing.  They were on time and all fired up for a great show.  We in the company love performing, but performing for an audience with this kind of energy just makes it all the more rewarding.  Thanks Ami for setting this venue up.  Thanks to the audience for being so terrific!

Comments from today's performance:

Vis Willows (visitorx) applauds! "Bravo!"
Sarah Elisabeth Brenham  (sarahelisebeth.brenham): applauds
EMME Emmons: BRAVA BRAVA BRAVA!!!    -     Gesture Powered Arjx Devin
AliceMay Graves:  :-:¦:-_APPLAUSE_-:¦:-
MORGANNA LEFEY  (thetattywitch.juneberry): TOTALLY BRILLIANT
(lillian.pfeffer) claps exited
Annamaria Manatiso: Thank you all for being here!
Arabella Luminos: Thank you everyone for your excellent participation!!
Seer Nemeth: EXCELLENT !!!!!!!
BigRed Coyote (bigredcoyote): ♫~~♫~~APPLAUSE~~♫~~♫
Mystery (terry.tripp): YAY!!!!!!!
Seer Nemeth: APPLAUSE!!!!
MadameThespian (madamethespian.underhill): !!!!Bravo!!!!
MadameThespian (madamethespian.underhill): Very nice work all of you! Delightful!
Tatiana Yakubu: we want more, we want more
Chance Leitner: great show you guys
Tasha (sciffon): well done all
Seer Nemeth: Well done everyone :))
Marta Huntress: bravooooooooooooooo
Seer Nemeth: great show TYVM everyone :)))
Dubhna Rhiadra: thanks you all soo much!!! You have been a wonderful audience!!!!!!
Mystery (terry.tripp) throws dozen red flowers on stage to Ami, pink and whites for the other dancers
Fiesty Lotus: Totally grand-er seen on SL Like nothing I have ever
Marta Huntress: kudoos
Marta Huntress: loved it ty
Chance Leitner: well done to cast and crew
Seer Nemeth: APPLAUSE!!!!
snow Scarmon: yes is a wonderful production

The Hunters - Photo by Fae Varriale
NEXT PERFORMANCE: The Official Tour of PETAH AND THE WOLF has come to an end,  but there will be one more performance in late September, as we have been invited as guest performers at a language conference.  Stay Tuned for more details.

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