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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Join Us at the SL Enquirer Media Center Today @ 2pm!

There's GREAT News, and there's GOOD News!

The Great News is that we are thrilled to be bck at the SL Enquirer Meda Center (And Chill Lounge!) where Lanai has set up a special Audience entrance complete with popcorn and Red Carpet ... and perhaps paparazzi too!  So get there early, grab your bag and find the perfect seat for the performance.  It starts (grid willing!) at 2pm SLT Today!

Now for the Good News ... this is not the last performance!  We have one more performance next week at Terrabithia (LM pending) and them we have been asked to perform at a language symposium in late September.  The September performance is not for certain just yet.  But the performance at 2pm on Saturday, August 11th is.  Stay tuned for information on the location, and pass the word: "One more week before Petah and her friends dance into the sunset for good!"

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