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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thank You SL Enquirer for All Your Support, and for Being a Terrific Audience!

...and for the Popcorn! YUM!

The Audience gathering on the back lawn of the SL Enquirer Headquarters
 We had a great time at the SL Enquirer Media Center today.  Editor-in-Chief Lanai Jarrico has been a long time supporter from way back in the Swan days and it was great to be here again with this project.

The Cast shifts nervously back stage, waiting for the performance to begin.
Selected comments from Post-Show ....

Semaj (kewluk): excellent
lokera Quinote: precioso
[lokera Quinote: "beautiful",
MariPiIi: bravaa bravaaa
Semaj (kewluk) clapps
Lanai Jarrico: *claps*
lokera Quinote: maravilloso
lokera Quinote: "wonderful",
Lanai Jarrico: Thank you Great play
Annamaria Manatiso: Thank you all for being here!
MariPiIi: :D
Shayna Forzane: Thank you all
lokera Quinote: bravooo
lokera Quinote: bravooo
Dubhna Rhiadra: Thankyou all so much for your generosity
Lanai Jarrico: Thank you IBC
lokera Quinote: bravooo
lokera Quinote: bravooo
Dubhna Rhiadra: and thank you to Lanai for inviting us to perform here
MariPiIi: brava bravaaaa
Lanai Jarrico: aww yw hopefully again next year!
Emalaith Teardrop: very nice :)
Lanai Jarrico: Im gonna put some pics on flickr

NEXT PERFORMANCE: Saturday, August 11th at 2pm at Realm of Terrabithia.  They have a telehub there, so come early to find your way to the performance site!

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